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About Attenuators & RF Switches

Attenuators / RF Switches

MCS Test provide a broad range of selected Attenuators / RF Switches and Phase shifters to enable you to do more with your primary test equipment and to be accurate in the measurement you are pursuing.

Attenuators are a staple building block within the RF design arena. RF attenuators reduce the level of the signal. This may be required to protect a stage from receiving a signal level that is too high, or attenuators may be used in a variety of areas where signal levels need to be controlled.. An attenuator may also be used to provide an accurate impedance match as most fixed attenuators offer a well-defined impedance.

Whether you are looking for a fixed, step or programmable attenuator MCS Test Equipment offer you choice of product and frequency range to sustain the accuracy and repeatability of your measurements.

RF Switches are available from MCS Test covering a variety of specifications (insertion loss, VSWR, characteristic impedance, rise time….). MCS Test are also on hand to help you choose the right RF switch for your application to ensure your measurement integrity. In conjunction MCS Test also provide a range of Phase Shifters.

A Phase Shifter is a microwave network which provides a controllable phase shift of the RF signal. Ideal phase shifters provide low insertion loss, and equal amplitude (or loss) in all phase states. MCS Test have a range of Phase Shifters available for you offering excellent accuracy and resolution over a wide frequency range.

For test and measurement analysis MCS Test has the product breadth and depth of expertise to bring the best solution to you with ease.

What’s more, if you can’t see it, ask and we’ll help find it for you.

Why buy new from MCS Test?

Whether you want to purchase a piece of new or used equipment or would like to spread the cost over a period of time, MCS Test can help by offering flexible finance, as well as trade-in and buy-back options.

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