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  • Comtest Anechoic Chambers (EMC)

    Comtest Anechoic Chambers (EMC)

    Approved Comtest Engineering UK Technical Partner

    The anechoic chamber is typically used to house the equipment for performing measurements of antenna radiation patterns, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radar cross section (RCS) measurements.

  • Comtest Microwave Chambers

    Comtest Microwave Chambers

    Approved Comtest Engineering UK Technical Partner

    Microwave chambers are full anechoic chambers used for testing in microwave frequencies. Typical equipment under test is mobile & telecom products as well as electronic products using wireless communication techniques.

  • Comtest Reverberation Chambers

    Comtest Reverberation Chambers

    Approved Comtest Engineering UK Technical Partner

    A reverberation chamber is a specialized EMC test chamber generating very high field strength using modest amplifier power. The reflections between the RF shielded walls are optimized to add up to maximum of as many standing waves as practically possible.

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