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About Chambers

EMC chambers are enclosed areas with an extremely high level of shielding attenuation against electromagnetic interference. Well-constructed chambers can absorb almost 100% of ambient emissions and reflect a minimal amount of internal radiation.

This shielding is achieved by lining the walls of the chamber with absorbing material. For full anechoic chambers, the floor is treated as well.

With an anechoic chamber, you can test the radiated emissions and / or radiated immunity of a new product or device. By shielding against all outside interference, you can accurately measure the strength of the electromagnetic field that is unintentionally generated by the equipment under test (EUT).

An anechoic chamber can be used to determine whether a product or device complies with emission and immunity limits defined in specific industry standards. They can also be used for testing according to a wide variety of EMC standards such as CISPR, IEC/EN, MIL-STD 461 and RTCA DO-160.

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