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About Generators


Measurement accuracy and repeatability are dependent on the performance of the stimulus to that system. Therefore being able to choose from a wide range of generators and having guidance in identifying the one that is absolutely correct to your application, from a range of vendors, is critically important

Here at MCS Test our range of generators cover multiple manufactures, multiple form factors and multiple functionalities.

- Signal Generators Low frequency to microwave
- Handheld, usb powered, laboratory, teaching, portable
- Broadcast and TV Test

- Vector, Synthesised Swept and CW
- Pulse, Function, Pulse Pattern, High Power, High Speed
- Arbitrary waveform generators

To help you choose a generator to purchase, either new or used here are some key specifications to consider

1. Frequency range. Obvious but be sure to consider all the testing that will be needed. (including possible out of band signals)
2. Harmonics and spurious signals
3. Signal generator power output.
4. Power level
5. Power accuracy - relative and absolute

6. Phase noise. A synthesised signal generator might offer advantages from exact frequency selection to stability, and high levels of programmability, the issue of phase noise can be a problem in some generators.
7. Accuracy - short and long term
8. Modulation formats supported
9. Test equipment calibration interval (and who is available to do the calibration)

For test and measurement MCS Test has the product breadth and depth of expertise to bring the best solution to you with ease.

What’s more, if you can’t see it, ask and we’ll help find it for you.

Why buy new from MCS Test?

Whether you want to purchase a piece of new or used equipment or would like to spread the cost over a period of time, MCS Test can help by offering flexible finance, as well as trade-in and buy-back options.

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