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COMM-connect - a solid connection in a wireless world

COMM-connect is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art RF measurement equipment and custom-designed communication solutions.

As an approved distributor for COMM-connect, MCS have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the full range of COMM-connect RF measurement solutions.


COMM-connect Product Range


Combiners / Splitters

 Handheld RF Analysers

 Broadcast RF


2038 2-to-1 Tetra Combiner

3013 SWR True Antenna Tester

3025 4-Channel USB Broadcast Monitor

2040 4-to-1 Tetra Combiner

3029 RF One Power Meter

3024 Web 8-Channel Broadcast Monitor

2043 2-to-1 E-Tetra Combiner

3030 PMR Power Meter

5508-M DVB-T Amplifier Module

2044 4-to-1 E-Tetra Combiner

3018 SafeOne RF Safety Monitor


2022 2-Way VHF Combiner


2026 3-way VHF Combiner


2028 2-Way UHF Combiner


2029 4-way UHF Combiner



 Power Probes



4025 HF Low Noise Amplifier

3015 UHF True RMS Probe

1701 Band Pass Filter

4026 Wide Band Low Noise Amplifier

3016 VHF True RMS Probe

1708 TETRA Band Pass Filter

4027 Narrow Band Low Noise Amplifier

3017 Wideband True RMS Probe

1801 Band Reject Filter

4028 Low Noise Amplifier

3026 Diode Power Probe






6015 4-way Short Wave Receive Coupler

7007 WLAN Directional Antenna

6030 GPS / GNSS Repeater

6016 8-way Short Wave Receive Coupler

7010 DVB-T Omnidirectional Antenna

6031 GPS / GNSS Repeater

6008 4-way VHF/UHF Receive Coupler


6009 8-way VHF/UHF Receive Coupler


6012 Mini VHF/UHF 4-way Receive Coupler