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Comtest Engineering. Suppliers of high performance RF shielded rooms, reverberation chambers and semi or full anechoic chambers.

Established in 1985, Comtest are a professional organisation recognised for their quality and flexibility. Comtest's production facility is located in the Netherlands and their products have been internationally recognised as state of the art products.

Comtest Engineering Product Range

The Comtest Engineering chambers collection consists of three divisions, anechoic chambers, micowave chambers and reverberation chambers. To find out more about Comtest's chambers collection, please Contact Us.

Anechoic Chambers (EMC)

A anechoic chamber is simulating an OATS (Open Area Test Site) without interference from environmental electromagnetic field pollutions. Recently, new innovations such as the use of ferrite tiles have greatly improved the performance of these anechoic chambers.

Microwave Chambers

Microwave chambers are full anechoic chambers used for testing in microwave frequencies. The typical equipment tested in these environments are mobile and telecom products as well as electronic products using wireless communication techniques.

Comtest Enginerring Microwave Chambers

Reverberation Chambers

A reverberation chamber is a specialised EMC test chamber generating high field strength using a modest amplifier power. Reflections between the RF shielded walls are optimised to add up to maximum of as many standing waves as possible.