Education Case Studies

Education Case Studies

The featured case studies below show how manufacturers partner with engineering and research schools to help craft the engineers of the future, who will drive industry innovation.


Oxford Brookes Header 2

Oxford Brookes University

Tektronix gave a team of student engineers the tools they needed to build an electric racecar, accelerating their knowledge of engineering...

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Haze University Case Study Header

Hanze University

How Tektronix provided Hanze University with the tools they needed to help students like Rianne Drijver build an electric formula student race car...

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Temple Header 2

Temple University

Investing in education is the key to the future of innovation. Tektronix is committed to helping university engineering programs around the world...

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Chalmers University Case Study Banner

Chalmers University

Chalmers Formula Student partnered with Tektronix who provided them with a 5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope along with...

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UOK Header

University of Oklahoma

To get more students excited about engineering careers in RF and help them better understand EM principles, Assistant Professor Jay McDaniel worked with Tektronix...

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Naples Case Study Banner

University of Naples

As an engineer himself, Michele has used Tektronix oscilloscopes for decades. In his experience, Tek's scopes have consistently been reliable and efficient...

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RAISE Case Study Header


Tektronix recommended that RAISE match IsoVu probes with the 5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope - allowing Professor Franceschini to use Spectrum View...

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Keysight Case Study 2

University of Houston Enhances eLearning with Real-World Labs

How did the Cullen College of Engineering at the University of Houston find a teaching solution that provided engineering students...

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Keysight Case Study 3

Transforming Engineering Education with Cutting-Edge Keysight Labs

Around the world, countries view education in science and engineering as a foundation for technological innovation and economic growth...

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Keysight Case Study 4

University Professor Cuts Lab Setup & Configuration Time by 75%

Learn by doing is an educational approach adopted by Universities around the world to better prepare students for their future careers, especially when it comes to electrical engineering studies...

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Keysight Case Study 6

PSG College of Technology Better Prepares Next-Generation Engineers for Employment

One of the major gaps in Indian Engineering is that while the number of engineering colleges are plenty, the number of employable degreed graduates is not...

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