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IQService - The Complete Mobile Phone Test Solution Package



What is IQService?

IQService is the complete mobile phone signalling test solution from MCS Test that combines the latest multi-device mobile test platform (IQcell) with our bespoke performance monitoring cloud-based software (insight).

IQcell performs signalling faced tests that simulate true live-network scenarios.

IQcell is available as a one or two port version that supports the following key mobile technologies:

  • GSM


There are several licence options to suit your business needs (units tested per month):

  • 700
  • 1,200
  • 2,000
  • Unlimited (1 channel)
  • Unlimited (2 channel)

Unused units in a month do not carry over to subsequent months.


Insight is the complete performance monitoring cloud-based software for factory end-of-line verification and high-volume service centres:

  • Real-time results
  • User access security levels
  • Cloud-based
  • Easy installation process
  • Fully supported by a dedicated account manager

System Configuration

There are three configuration requirements to the IQService solution.

One or two channel IQcell hardware – this contains a Linux-based industrial PC, it is connected via an RJ45 10/100 LAN port to the controlling PC which has the IQService windows-based application installed.

The IQCell hardware can be connected via a switch/router or directly to the PC. The IP address can be statically assigned or alternatively DCHP can be used.

IQService application – Windows-based application that runs the IQcell software.

Insight (performance monitoring software) – Windows 7 or 10 required.

What’s included in the IQService Package?

  • IQcell (one or two channel)
  • RF enclosure
  • Antenna Coupler
  • XY-Grid
  • RF Cable
  • Insight performance monitoring software (12 month subscription)
  • Test Sim (2x Micro, 2x Nano)

What's included in the Support Package?

12 months software and system support package includes:

  • System performance ensured with monitoring via insight software
  • Initial installation and training
  • Firmware and application software updates
  • All new models added subject to device availability
  • TAC code list updated to minimize the need for users’ to assign manually
  • All application updates and bug fixes (ongoing)
  • Dedicated support resource/engineer and helpline with site visits if required
  • Express calibration

Further information

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