Com-Power Turntables

Automated and Manually Operated Turntables from EMC test equipment manufacturer Com-Power.

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Com-Power EMC Turntables Series

Motorised Wooden Turntables

The Com-Power TTW-400 and TTW-600 motorised wooden turntables are low profile, above ground circular testing platforms for rotating equipment under test (EUT) during commercial EMC testing. The turntable can support and rotate desktop or floor standing equipment.

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Com-Power TTW-400A Turntable

Fully Automated Turntable

Used for EMC Testing Com-Power model TTW-400A is a fully automated turntable which can be controlled through the Com-Power AMTTC-300 controller. The turntable is constructed from non-reflective wood material. It also has capability of manual control via toggle switch on the table’s motor box.

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