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Keithley's sensitive equipment for sourcing and measuring potential and current and measuring capacitance is widely used in a variety of electrochemistry applications, including cyclic voltammetry, amperometry, potentiometry, battery testing, sensors, electrodeposition, and electrical device characterization.

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Keithley 6500, 6430 High Resistance/Low Current Electrometers Series

Extremely low noise (0.4fAp-p for 6430, <1fA for 6517B and 6514)

Choose from three sensitive options for precision high resistance and low current measurements.

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Keithley 6200/2182A Ultra-Low Resistance Configurations Series

Resistance: 10nΩ - 100MΩ, Source: DC: ±10fA – 100mA

When connected, the Model 2182A and Model 6220 or 6221 can be operated like a single instrument.

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Keithley 2450-2461-EC Graphical Potentiostats

Flexible, Low-cost, and Ideal for Research and Development

The 2450-EC, 2460-EC, and 2461-EC Potentiostats are flexible, low-cost, and ideal for research and development in fundamental electrochemical lab research, characterizing next generation materials and electrolytes, new energy storage devices, and faster, smaller sensors.

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Keithley 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyser

±210 V/100 mA or ±210 V/1 A Modules, 100 fA Measure Resolution

Accelerate research, reliability and failure analysis studies of semiconductor devices, materials and process development with the 4200A-SCS.

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