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Tektronix TekScope™ PC Analysis Software

TekScope brings the power of the oscilloscope analysis environment to the PC.

Get the analysis capability of an award-winning oscilloscope on your PC with the Tektronix TekScope Analysis Software.


Tektronix Spectrum Analyser Software

Analyse RF and vector signals with Signal-Vu PC

SignalVu-PC is the foundation of RF and vector signal analysis software that helps you easily validate RF designs.


Tektronix SignalVu VSA Software

RF and Vector Signal Analysis for Oscilloscopes

SignalVu RF and vector signal analysis software combines the signal analysis engine of the RSA5000 Series real-time spectrum analyser with that of the industry's leading digital oscilloscopes, making it possible for designers to evaluate complex signals without an external down converter.


Tektronix TekSmartLab™ Software

Supports up to 600 instruments (100 test benches) on a single platform

TekSmartLab is the industry's first network-based lab instrument management solution for quickly setting up and efficiently managing basic electronics in engineering laboratories at colleges and universities.


Tektronix TekBench™ Control Software

Intuitive instrument control, automated measurement data logging and automated frequency response measurements.

Get the analysis capability of an award-winning oscilloscope on your PC.


Tektronix TekDrive Software

Collaborate easily by transferring, storing, organising, managing, and sharing data and files.

Save and recall natively from supported devices and software. Preview and analyse supported waveform data types on any device – with no extra software.

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