VIAVI Avionics Couplers

Viavi offers a variety of Avionic Antenna Couplers to provide isolation for consistent testing and to prevent interference with Air Traffic Control and another aircraft.

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Viavi F-16 IFF Antenna Coupler Kit

Frequency Range: 1,030 and 1,090 MHz

The Viavi F-16 IFF Coupler Kit provides isolated IFF Interrogator and Transponder testing to eliminate the need for DD-1494 frequency authorisation.


Viavi UC-584 Transponder Antenna Couplers

Frequency Range: 1030 and 1090 MHz

The Viavi UC-584 Series Transponder Antenna Couplers are designed to solve the problem of reliable FAR Part 43 Appendix 'F' ERP (Effective Radiated Power) and transponder MTL (Minimum Trigger Level) testing, in the high multi-path ramp and hangar environments.


Viavi GC-130 GPS Antenna Coupler Kit

Frequency Range: 1,575.42 (L1/L1C/E1)

The Viavi GC-130 GPS Antenna Coupler provides >20 dB of antenna isolation, ensuring outside GPS signals are not seen by the aircraft’s GPS receiver when simulating a user defined GPS signal.


Viavi TC-201A TCAS/Transponder Directional Antenna Coupler

Frequency Range: 1030 and 1090 MHz

The Viavi TC-201A TCAS / Transponder Directional Antenna Coupler builds on the VIAVI industry-leading expertise in avionics testing equipment.

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