VIAVI Fibre Optic Combined Testers & Kits

Viavi Solutions Fibre Optic Combined Testers enables installers and technicians work fibre smart by integrating industry-leading fibre inspection with Tier 1 testing.

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Viavi SmartClass Fiber OLTS-85/-85P Optical Loss Test Sets

The fastest and easiest solutions for Tier 1 fiber certification

VIAVI Solutions SmartClass Fiber OLTS-85/85P lets installers and technicians work fiber smart by integrating industry-leading fiber inspection with Tier 1 testing.


Viavi SmartClass Fiber ORL-85 Inspection-Ready Optical Return Loss Meters

Complete jobs faster, correctly, and on time—right the first time

The SmartClass Fiber ORL-85 combine optical power meter (OPM), light source (OLS), continuous wave return loss meter (OCWR), and connector inspection in one compact instrument.


Viavi FIT-COMM-B Fiber Acceptance Tester

Complete Jobs Faster, Correctly with Pass/Fail, and on Time—the First Time

Efficient, easy-to-use SmartClass™ Fiber tools with integrated inspection, test, and best practices cut testing and certification time in half.


VIAVI Optimeter Optical Fibre Meter

20 hours of operation, up to 10,000 test results

A simple to use, intelligent optical fiber meter to certify and troubleshoot fiber links


SmartPocket V2 OMK-35V2/-36V2/-38V2 Optical Test Kits

Pocket-sized and rugged optical test kits

The VIAVI SmartPocket Optical Test Kits include a light source (OLS-3x), a power meter (OLP-3x), and additional accessories.


VIAVI OneAdvisor-1000 Cell Site Tester

High-Speed, Portable Network Tester Up to 400G

Delivers all the test capabilities technicians and engineers need to install and maintain high-capacity networks


VIAVI T-BERD/MTS-2000 Handheld Modular Test Set

Fiber Optic Multitest Tool for Smarter, Faster Field Testing

Hands-free test set for the installation, turn-up and maintenance of fiber optic networks.


VIAVI T-BERD/MTS-4000 V2 Optical Test Platform

All-in-one integrated dual bay solution automating fiber/optical test and certification

A Modular Test Platform designed for the installation, turn-up and maintenance of fiber optic networks.


VIAVI T-BERD/MTS-5800 Handheld Network Tester

Simplifies multi-technology testing with an all-in-one dual-10 G handheld

This tester is the industry’s smallest 10G handheld instrument and supports testing throughout the entire service life cycle including fiber characterization, service activation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

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