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Viavi manufacturer and supply mission critical test equipment for aircraft avionics. Viavi design and manufacture a variety of test systems that reduce the cost of maintenance and increase mission readiness.

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Viavi APM-424 MK XII/XIIA Flight Line Test Sets

Transponder and Interrogator Performance Tester

The Viavi APM-424(V)5 easily accommodates a variety of aircraft, ground, and ship platforms to test transponder and interrogator performance.


Viavi IFF-7300S Series IFF/Crypto/TACAN Automated Test System

Test and Diagnosis of Military Avionics

The Viavi IFF-7300S Series is a powerful computer based system designed for the test and diagnosis of military avionics, including IFF transponders, interrogators, cryptos, and TACAN transceivers.


Viavi IFR6015 Military Flight Line Test Set

Military Flight Line Test Set

The Viavi IFR6015 is a compact, lightweight and weatherproof unit designed for testing transponder modes 1,2,3A,C,S, TCAS I, II, and Military E-TCAS, TIS as well as DME/TACAN. IFF Modes 1,2 and TACAN are standard on all new units.


Viavi F-16 IFF Antenna Coupler Kit

Frequency Range: 1,030 and 1,090 MHz

The Viavi F-16 IFF Coupler Kit provides isolated IFF Interrogator and Transponder testing to eliminate the need for DD-1494 frequency authorisation.


Viavi ALT-8015 FMCW/Military Pulse Radio Altimeter Test Set

FMCW/Military Pulse Radio Altimeter Test Set

The Viavi ALT-8015 Radio Altimeter Flightline Test Set provides an easily configurable RF based altitude simulation to quickly test an installation, or direct connect to the Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) for additional troubleshooting capability.


Viavi GC-130 GPS Antenna Coupler Kit

Frequency Range: 1,575.42 (L1/L1C/E1)

The Viavi GC-130 GPS Antenna Coupler provides >20 dB of antenna isolation, ensuring outside GPS signals are not seen by the aircraft’s GPS receiver when simulating a user defined GPS signal.


Viavi TC-201A TCAS/Transponder Directional Antenna Coupler

Frequency Range: 1030 and 1090 MHz

The Viavi TC-201A TCAS / Transponder Directional Antenna Coupler builds on the VIAVI industry-leading expertise in avionics testing equipment.


Viavi GPSG-1000 Portable Satellite Simulator

Portable, Easy-to-use GPS and Galileo Positional Simulator

The configurable Viavi GPSG-1000 is a truly portable, easy-to-use GPS and Galileo positional simulator. It fills a gap in the market by providing a low-cost 12 channel test set that creates three-dimensional simulations.


Viavi IFF-45 TS MK XIIA TACAN Bench Test Set

RF Signal Simulator

The Viavi IFF-45TS Transponder / Interrogator / TACAN Bench Test Set is an RF signal simulator that provides support for AIMS Mark XIIA transponders and interrogators.

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