Keysight World 2021

Keysight World 2021

Published: 30th September 2021

Success hinges on new ideas in connectivity, digital transformation, and security. Opportunities start with use cases built on 5G, Open RAN, quantum computing, connected cars, and beyond. Keysight World explores these areas, and more, with a focus on accelerating your next innovation.

Featuring more than 25 key industry leaders over 3 days with an impressive line-up of global experts, as well as unique networking opportunities with industry peers, and direct contact with experts in an engaging online venue.


The Future of Connectivity

Today, the value of connectivity is clear. Now, the focus is on network modernization and the path to 6G.


Driving the Digital Transformation

Endless demand for bandwidth has implications for data centres, edge devices, and even quantum computing.


Security in a Connected World

Connectivity has real benefits, but also creates a wider attack surface.

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