New software Updates on the Viavi 3920B and the 8800SX Auto-Test Applications

New Radio Test Set Applications and Updates for the VIAVI Solutions 3920 Series Radio Test Platform and the 8800 Series Digital Radio Test Set

Published: 7th September 2020

VIAVI Solutions released new and updated Auto-Test Applications for the 3920 Series and the 8800 Series Radio Test Sets. The full list of updates is listed in the Release Notes on the 3920 Series Software page and the 8800 Series Software page.

3920 Series

  • Option 604 / 644 / 645 – Motorola APX™ Series Auto-Test and Alignment
  • Option 637 – L3Harris XL Series Auto-Test and Alignment
  • Option 646 – Motorola APX NEXT™ Series Auto-Test and Alignment *NEW*

8800 Series

  • Auto-Test Core Software – Version 2.3.7
  • Option 103 / 128 / 129 – Motorola APX Series Auto-Test and Alignment
  • Option 105 – Motorola ASTRO®25 Series Auto-Test and Alignment
  • Option 111 – L3Harris XL Series Auto-Test and Alignment
  • Option 130 – Motorola APX NEXT Series Auto-Test and Alignment *NEW*

Viavi 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set

Digital Radio Test Set

The Viavi 8800SX combines the performance and features of a bench-level test set with the portability and ruggedness of a field-level instrument. Weighing only 17 lbs (7.71 kg), an internal battery with 2.5+ hours of operation.

Find out more about Viavi 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set

Viavi 3920B Series Analog & Digital Radio Test Platform

High Performance FM / AM / SSB Analog Duplex Test Capabilities

The Viavi 3920B features an improvement to the RF signal generator phase noise specification of -110 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset. The instrument provides a comprehensive range of general purpose analog measurement facilities as well as advanced digital test options.

Find out more about Viavi 3920B Series Analog & Digital Radio Test Platform

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