VIAVI Optimeter Optical Fibre Meter Mobile

New Viavi Optimeter Software Release

Published: 19th November 2021

Optimeter Software Release 21.50 Summary

The latest software release includes several usability enhancements and a new Point to Point (P2P) test mode, here is a summary of the value added with this latest release:

  • Handle any FTTH last mile architecture with improved test algorithm to accurately verify splitter continuity for all splitter types 1x4 to 1x32
  • New P2P test mode creates a more versatile instrument for multiple industry applications providing test and in-service troubleshooting (1650nm) capability for any point to point fiber link (up to 60km) including FTTA fronthaul
  • Easier to understand OptiTrak view with clearer event icons and Pass/Fail indication supported with richer pop up messages and descriptions to avoid any miss-understanding or mistakes in the field
  1. New “Optimeter Connector” icon, event type and details
  2. New fiber launch cable indication (2 loops) in link view
  3. New “First Connector” icon, event type and details
  4. Updated pop-up info messages
  • Greater flexibility for last mile link certification through enhanced alarming criteria that now include link level metrics (Loss and ORL), enabling custom Pass/Fail analysis based on link or element or power measurement results (or combinations of the three)
  • Improved integration of P5000i fiber scope within the OptiTrak app and file name matching to OptiTrak results
  • Translation updates: Optimeter user interface in French and Italian

MCS Test are an approved UK partner for Viavi
Content Source: VIAVI Solutions | Command the network.

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