Product Review - Hittite HMC-T2270 Signal Generator

Product Review - Hittite HMC-T2270 Signal Generator

Published: 19th August 2014

There is constant demand for higher and higher data capacities. Communication and detection systems of all types continue to explore higher frequencies for greater efficiencies and that brings the need for lower cost, equally functional test equipment.

None are better positioned than the outstanding price performance delivered by the Hittite HMC-T2270 Synthesised Signal Generator 10 MHz to 70 GHz which provides the highest output power, lowest harmonic levels and broadest frequency range amongst signal generators of its size and cost.

Ergonomically designed with a simple intuitive user interface the HMC-T2270 delivers assured performance and signals across a range of modern testing requirements including Mobile communications, Military communications, Satellite and GPS, Optical communications, Infrared astronomy, Earth observation and Radar.

Components, subsystems, and systems can be tested during design and manufacturing. The Hittite HMC-T2270 Synthesised Signal Generator 10 MHz to 70 GHz gives you complete breadth of coverage across your design solution.

The HMC-T2270 Synthesised Signal Generator 10 MHz to 70 GHz was developed to provide the R&D engineer and the production test engineer with the highest level of performance and functionality, while maintaining reasonable cost.

Furthermore, the broad frequency coverage of the HMC-T2270 will be attractive to OEMs involved in the development of new and emerging automotive sensors, millimeterwave communications and medical equipment, as well as those taking advantage of higher frequency available spectrum.

Incorporating high output power, wide frequency range and excellent phase noise performance you need look no further than the Hittite HMC-T2270 Synthesised Signal Generator 10 MHz to 70 GHz.

In addition the Hittite HMC-T2270 Synthesised Signal Generator 10 MHz to 70 GHz is an ideal product for use in innovative new application development areas such as Small Cell and Metrocell Wireless, Non-Line-of-Sight (<6GHz) and Automotive radar – collision avoidance, cruise control

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