Rigol 2000A + 4000 Series Bundled Option Sale!

Rigol 2000A + 4000 Series Bundled Option Sale!

Published: 9th December 2015

The best value for embedded debug just got even better. For a limited time Rigol is offering the following promotions:

DS/MSO4000 Series Bundled Option Promotion

Buy a new DS4000 or MSO4000 Series Oscilloscope and get the following serial decode options Free!

  • I2C
  • SPI
  • RS232
  • CAN
  • FlexRay

* minimum firmware level is Offer ends 31 December 2015.

DS/MSO2000A Series Bundled Option Promotion

DS2000A or MSO2000A Series Oscilloscope and get the following option bundle for free!

  • Serial decode
  • Extended memory
  • advanced triggering
  • CAN triggering and decode

Minimum firmware level is Offer ends 31 December 2015.

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