Viavi SmartPocket OMK-34/-35/-36/-38 Optical Test Kits

SmartPocket V1 Family: Product Discontinuation Notice

Published: 6th April 2021

SmartPocket V1 Light Sources, Power Meters and Optical Test Kits

Product Discontinuance Notice - FAQs

Q: Why is this product being discontinued?
A: Due to obsolete internal components and design of new SmartPocket V2 with improved features and performance for current and future network requirements.

Q: What are the product references being discontinued?
A: Viavi will no longer offer the following products:

  • SmartPocket V1 Light Sources (2303/01, 2303/11, 2303/21, 2303/41, 2303/51)
  • SmartPocket V1 Power Meters (2302/11, 2302/12, 2302/13, 2302/22)
  • SmartPocket V1 Optical Test Kits (2127/02, 2127/03, 2127/04)

Q: Will the substitute products provide similar performance and form factor
A: The form factor and measurement specifications will remain the same. The performance will be improved.

Q: Will the substitute products provide same testing capabilities
A: Yes, even more with improved test result capacity, Bluetooth low energy connectivity to support Test Process Automation, and exceptionally long battery life.

Q: Is there any incompatibility between SmartPocket versions?
A: There is a partial compatibility between SmartPocket V1’s and V2’s:

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