Test Chambers & Their Uses

Test Chambers & Their Uses

Published: 18th August 2021

MCS Test serves a wide range of customers in the automotive, aerospace, defence, manufacturing, semiconductor, telecommunication, and data communication industries to name a few. These industries use test chambers often, from the development stage to day-to-day operations. Here’s how test chambers are used in the aerospace, automotive, and telecommunication industries:


Test chambers are widely used in the aerospace and aviation industries to test the adherence of atmospheric conditions to SAE Standards. SAE Standards lay out provisions to advance mobility engineering all over the world. Quality, reliability, and safety are the critical factors for the aerospace and aviation industry. Anechoic testing of electronic equipment for antennas and satellites is one of the test types conducted in aerospace applications. In an anechoic test chamber, outside noise is almost completely eliminated, allowing recording of very precise measurements using calibrated equipment. The walls of an anechoic test chamber are lined with absorbing materials such as foam or glass fibre wedges that absorb all the radio waves and microwaves. This design provides the most accurate way to gauge the performance of electronic equipment since the object being tested is not influenced by external or internal reflected noise.


The demand for advanced safety, performance, and fuel economy drives the use of electronic components in automotive parts. In addition, the trend toward autonomous driving continues to grow as well. Modern cars are now equipped with many sensors, switches, and other electric control elements. Test chambers allow the creation of artificial environments that can simulate the worst possible conditions the vehicle components may experience throughout their lifespan. To ensure the reliable performance of the vehicle components, especially the complex electronic systems which play critical roles in the operation of a vehicle, parts must be tested. Test chambers must be capable of providing all test requirements, particularly those related to communications. Modern vehicles with Advanced Driver Systems (ADAS), Radio Detection and Ranging (RADAR), and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) will require test chambers with antenna analysers, signal simulators, and protocol simulators to measure the performance of these features.


The demand for telecommunication devices is growing with rapid technological advances. Cell phones, switches, connectors, fiber optics, line protectors, and network interfaces are some of the types of products tested for the telecommunications industry. With the growing demand for telecommunication devices, companies must have accurate means of testing to comply with the specific requirements set by public and regulatory agencies. Telecommunication devices released on the market should exhibit reliable performance and excellent quality. Test chambers are used to ensure the telecommunication devices are performing according to their design and intended purpose. Wireless chambers, full anechoic chambers, and antenna ranges are some of the test equipment needed to verify the safety, reliability, and performance of telecommunication devices. In addition, EMC testing ensures a product’s emission will not interfere with another product’s operation in the same environment.

Established over 15 years ago, MCS Test offers new, used, and rental equipment and calibration of EMC and wireless test equipment in the UK and Europe. We also offer avionics and mobile radio test equipment. We aim to provide our customers with quality, cost-effective test solutions, helping them comply with various industry standards. As the leading European test and measurement equipment distributors and solutions provider, we can bring you solutions suitable for your needs. Amplifiers, cable and antenna test solutions, attenuators, chambers, multimeters, radio communication test sets, signal analysers, and RF and MW test accessories are some products available with MCS Test.

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