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Testing Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 AoA and AoD

Published: 15th April 2021

Bluetooth LE 5.1 adds direction finding enhancements with Angle of Arrival (AoA) and Angle of Departure (AoD) methods.

This white paper addresses the benefits and the technical details associated with the new direction finding methods and test methodology by covering the following topics:

  • What benefits does AoA and AoD provide?
  • Which use cases does AoA and AoD unlock?
  • Constant Tone Extension (CTE) switching and sampling mechanisms
  • New BT SIG RF Physical Layer Bluetooth Test Suite RF-PHY.TS.5.1.0 test cases
  • Description of AoA and AoD transmitter and receiver tests
  • Complete test setup using IQxel-MW 7G and IQfact+

Testing Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 AoA and AoD whitepaper

pdf, 2717797bytes

Download Testing Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 AoA and AoD whitepaper

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Content Source: Testing Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 AoA and AoD | LitePoint

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