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The New All-In-One Test Generator from Schloder

Published: 21st April 2020

One of the very few combined IEC 61000-4-6 test systems that include the RF signal generator, a RF-power amplifier, a 3-channel RF voltmeter and a directional coupler for a very reasonable price.

The CDG 7000 is a test generator for all standards regarding immunity to conducted disturbances induced by high-frequency fields (IEC/ISO/BCI/MIL). It is one of the few combined test systems that contains an RF signal generator, an RF power amplifier, a three-channel RF voltmeter and a directional coupler.

The CDG 7000 generates interference in accordance with IEC / EN 61000-4-6 against conducted interference. The standard describes a test setup in which these high-frequency interference can be influenced on a test item without a complicated setup with antennas, field instrumentation and shielded rooms.

The use of coupling networks and coupling tongs induces sine waves directly in power and signal lines. The device under test retains its original position in the device structure, so that the overall function of the system can be tested.

Three different versions

The new test generator has multifunctional properties and is available in three different versions: CDG 7000-25, CDG 7000-75 and CDG 7000-75-10. They differ essentially in the RF power amplifier from 25 to 75 W and in frequencies from 100 kHz to 250 MHz, 100 kHz to 400 MHz and 10 kHz to 250 MHz.

The devices can be easily expanded with an external amplifier and an input for external pulse modulation via the second generator output. The range of services also includes a configurable, digital eight-channel port, temperature measurement input for monitoring and displaying the BCI injection probe temperature, as well as USB, LAN and GPIB interfaces.

Application software included

The test system is provided in the factory with the Helia 7 Basic application software. It enables extensive reporting functions and EUT monitoring. It also includes a self-test and the option to create automatic test sequences in accordance with different standards. In direct mode, further different tests can be carried out on the test object.

Thanks to the integrated SCPI command set, integration into your own software systems is easy. The Helia-7-BCI software is optionally available for BCI tests. It was developed to control, analyze and document BCI exams.

Schlöder offers the CDG 7000 with a three-year guarantee.

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