The Philosophy and Consequence of Measurement: Performance

The Philosophy and Consequence of Measurement: Performance (Part 1)

Published: 20th May 2014

‘When you cannot measure… your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind’. Lord Kelvin

We continue looking into the need and specifications for test equipment by looking at 6Ps (Precision, Power, Performance)- (Productivity, Portability, Package) where we now look into Performance.

Here we look at performance in terms of deciding on the correct instrumentation for the measurements to be performed and in terms of overall company performance for the project or product development.

In Part 1 we look at performance as part of a company objective.

Is performance a route to achieving a differential advantage over the competition? Although many bases for differentiation exist, superior quality giving higher performance is the most often used. Higher performance in terms of reliability, quality, speed, accuracy etc? But higher performance compared to what?

A benchmark for a company might be manufacturing cost or waste. Here high performance can easily be quantified leading to decisions on test equipment based on data and fact.

An approach like this can lead to development and testing based on a structured methodology for the design of performance measurement systems. Now managers can decide specifically which measures to adopt. Through correct analysis of the overall aims a framework identifying the desirable characteristics of a performance measurement system design process is developed.

This framework can provide guidelines which when subsequently used form the core of a process-based approach to performance measurement system design. A process which can be enhanced and refined during application and formally documented and tested through further industrial applications.

In all of this your supplier plays a key role. Consider involving your supplier and working with a competent organisation that can help you find the correct measurement equipment for your overall needs and one that fits the framework of your performance measurement system and needs.

Please leave your comments and inputs. These articles are solely an opinion on the measurements we are interested in.

Rejoice in making your measurements. Demand more in measurement and enjoy this series.

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