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VIAVI Solutions Announces Release of Software Version 2.4.4 for the 3550 Series and the 8800 Series Radio Test Sets

Published: 9th April 2021

VIAVI Solutions announced software release version 2.4.4 for the 3550 Series Touch-screen Radio Test System and the 8800 Series Digital Radio Test Set. This release provides a new feature, and a number of improvements and fixes for both units. The full list of updates is listed in the Release Notes located at and The new firmware contains the following items:

New Features

  • The 3550 Series and the 8800 Series now supports the VIAVI Instrument Programming Tool (VIP Tool™), which allows users to easily create custom test scripts and other applications. The option number for the VIP Tool is Option 847. Visit to learn more.


  • The TETRA BS test system is now compatible with Airbus base stations.
  • Generator and Receiver level offset range has been increased to accommodate the use of 60 dB attenuators.
  • Network socket reliability has been improved, eliminating the need for the units to be rebooted if the Ethernet connection is interrupted.
  • Added support for faster data acquisition with future NEON® Signal Mapper updates.


  • The Frequency List Index no longer reverts to 0 when RF Generator Level is changed.
  • In the Wide Analyzer, Auto is now selectable in the AGC menu (8800 Series) / Reference Level menu (3550 Series). Previously Auto was unavailable without disabling and enabling the Analyzer.
  • Fixed an issue with Generator Level being higher than indicated if 0.1 dB Step was enabled immediately after the RF Generator is enabled.

Viavi 3550R Touch-Screen Radio Test System

Touch-Screen Radio Test System

The Viavi 3550R takes radio and repeater site testing to the next level with a quantum leap in an easy to use, integrated test system for complete radio receiver and transmitter performance testing, cable fault and antenna system analysis.

Find out more about Viavi 3550R Touch-Screen Radio Test System

Viavi 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set

Digital Radio Test Set

The Viavi 8800SX combines the performance and features of a bench-level test set with the portability and ruggedness of a field-level instrument. Weighing only 17 lbs (7.71 kg), an internal battery with 2.5+ hours of operation.

Find out more about Viavi 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set

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