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Ceyear 4051A 3 Hz - 4 GHz Signal / Spectrum Analyser





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Product Description

The Ceyear 4051A Signal / Spectrum Analyser has a frequency range from 3 Hz - 4 GHz.

The 4051 Series can be used for signal and equipment tests in the fields of aviation, aerospace, radar detection, communication, electronic countermeasures and navigation.

All models in the 4051 series have excellent dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude accuracy and measurement speed.

Measurement functions include high-sensitivity spectrum analysis, standard power measurement components, IQ analysis, vector signal analysis, real-time spectrum analysis, transient analysis, pulse signal analysis, audio analysis, analogue demodulation, phase noise and noise figure.

Configuration of these models is very flexible as their performance can be further improved with the addition of different options.

Key Features

Wide frequency range - 9 optional frequency bands: 3Hz - 4/9/13.2/18/26.5/40/45/50/67GHz. The frequency can be extended up to 500GHz (with external frequency extension options)

Max 550MHz analysis bandwidth - Four analysis bandwidth configurations are available: 10MHz (standard), 40MHz, 200MHz, 550MHz etc. With more than 40 choices, the bandwidth can be flexibly selected from 10Hz to 550MHz.

Excellent measurement & receiving performance - Wideband preamplifiers (up to 50 GHz) can be configured for the host frequency band.

Comprehensive spectrum analysis capability

Powerful RF signal streaming and playback analysis function

Flexible analogue signal output interface

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