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Gauss Instruments TDEMI M1 Plus Measurement Receiver





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Product Description

The Gauss Instruments TDEMI Mobile M1+ is a Measurement Receiver covering the frequency range from 9 kHz  – 1 GHz.

The TDEMI Mobile+ (TDEMI M+) is a very compact and robust instrument, designed for optimum mobility both outdoors as well as on the developer’s workbench in the lab.

Equipped with a +12V supply, this receiver can be easily used for onboard testing, e. g. in vehicles or aircraft etc.

With its integrated touch-sensitive, high-resolution screen and the embedded PC, the TDEMI M+ is a fully stand-alone instrument independent from any control or host or display unit, providing even more flexibility for your emission measurements.

The instrument can be powered by a battery pack (Option BAT-UG) making it even more flexible and easy to carry it around without the need for an external power supply. Specially designed for today’s challenging pre-certification tasks,  the TDEMI M+ provides unrivalled advantages in speed and performance, with your pre-certification measurements and investigations being performed up to 4,000 times faster than by using conventional receivers.

The models in the TDEMI M+ receiver series are available for frequency ranges up to 1 GHz, 3 GHz or 6 GHz starting from 9 kHz (or optional starting from 10 Hz).

The fully gapless real-time analysis bandwidth of 162.5 MHz of the weighted spectrogram mode makes the TDEMI M+ series unique in the market for pre-certification and provides a perfect tool for real-time EMC debugging during product development and pre-certification testing.

Key Features

Frequency ranges 10 Hz – 1 GHz, 3 GHz or 6 GHz

4000x faster than conventional receivers

Super compact design and 12V supply

162.5MHz fully gapless real-time analysis bandwidth

Weighted Real-time Spectrogram

Full compliance testing of conducted emissions in the range up to 30 MHz (additional options required)

Ultra-fast spectrum analyser mode available

MIL/DO for testing according to military and avionic standards and measuring start frequency at 10 Hz

Single frequency mode measurements

Improved noise floor and improved dynamic range available

Control of auxiliary equipment as LISN or loop antenna

Automated evaluation & documentation (CISPR 16-2-1 & 16-2-2)

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