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LitePoint z8612 Fast & Image-Free RF Downconverter



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Product Description

The LitePoint z8612 is an RF Downconverter module set that serves as a 20 GHz spectrum analyser extension to z8653 VSA. The LitePoint z8612 has the required features and specifications to perform testing for existing and emerging wireless standards, including the next-gen Wi-Fi standard 802.11ax 1024QAM.

Key Specifications

  • 20 GHz Spectrum Analyser extension to z8653 VSA
  • Adds Harmonic, Spurious Emission and Band-Edge test coverage
  • 250 MHz to 20 GHz frequency range
  • Noise floor cancellation capability (switchable termination)
  • Single-insertion testing for TX Quality and Conducted Spurious Emission
  • Fast image-free downconversion (20 GHz, 100 kHz RBW sweep in < 1.5 s)


Remarkable Test Capabilities


  • Fundamental-reject path for Harmonic and Spurious Emission Tests
  • Bypass path for ≤ 6 GHz TX Quality measurements
  • < 1 ms frequency and amplitude tuning for spur search

All solutions are adaptable and re-configurable to provide you with the greatest flexibility for your testing requirements. For questions or to learn more about your ideal configuration, please fill out the form on the right and we will contact you shortly.

Key Features

Frequency Range: 250 MHz to 20 GHz

In Range: +30 dBm to noise floor

Frequency Range: 10 kHz to 1 GHz

Maximum Bandwidth: 1.015 GHz

802.11ac, 5.8 GHz, -49.5 dB at VHT80

802.11ac, 5.8 GHz, -46 dB at VHT160

Amplitude Accuracy: ±0.25 dB at 6 GHz

Amplitude Accuracy: ±0.5 dB at 18 GHz

Physical: 2-slot 3U PXIe

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