Tescom TC-5955AR Pneumatic Shield Box

  • Manufacturer: Tescom
  • SKU: TC-5955AR

Generate the Electro-Magnetic field for testing small RF devices.

TC-5955AR, Pneumatic Shield box generates an electro-magnetic field for testing small RF devices such as mobile phones, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, Zigbee, etc. An external test signal applies through the input port of TC-5955AR which generates a consistent and predictable test field inside. The uniquely compact and economical design is optimised for medium accuracy measurements.

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Tescom TC-5955AR Pneumatic Shield Box Product Description

  • Reliable High RF shielding up to 6 GHz
  • Absorbing materials for stable measurement results
  • Specifically designed for various types of devices
  • Pneumatic control of lid open-close
  • EMI filters on all data ports and power line
  • Designed for long life
  • Remote operation by RS-232C
  • Extra fixture-cylinder


  • Receiver sensitivity test, transmitter radiation power test
  • Mobile Phones, WLAN, Bluetooth, LTE, GNSS

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