EMC & Field Strength Solutions

EMC & Field Strength Solutions

EMC Pre Compliance Test Equipment from leading Manufacturers, find out more about our EMC product range below.

EMC Testing Equipment

The EMI and EMS test instruments and systems determine the causes and effects of electromagnetic interference and ensure compliance with the relevant EMC standard.

What is EMC Testing?

EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) pre compliance testing exists to ensure that your electrical devices do not emit a large amount of electromagnetic interference (known as radiated and conducted emissions) and that your device continues to function as originally intended in the presence of other electromagnetic instruments.

Electromagnetic immunity testing is mandated in some areas and some product types. Find out more about EMC Standards Here.



In radio engineering, an antenna is the interface between radio waves propagating through space and electric currents moving in metal conductors, used with a transmitter or receiver. In transmission, a radio transmitter supplies an electric current to the antenna's terminals, and the antenna radiates the energy from the current as electromagnetic waves (radio waves).

Find out more about Antennas

Amplifiers - CW TWT

The new CW or pulsed TWT series are modular, scalable, and designed explicitly for reliability whatever the application requirements. Either as a standalone bench mount device or seamlessly integrated as part of a Teseq radiated Immunity test system.

Find out more about Amplifiers - CW TWT

Amplifiers - Pulsed TWT

Covering the frequency range of 2 to 18 GHz IFI designed Pulsed - TWTA (Traveling wave tube amplifier) offer a wide range of dependable products.

Find out more about Amplifiers - Pulsed TWT

Amplifiers - Solid State

From standard products to one-off specials, through our three brands of Milmega, IFI and Teseq, Ametek CTS offers a wide range of Solid State and Solid State Pulsed amplifier products to meet application requirements including EMC, Military, Communications, Instrumentation and High Energy Physics. Functioning as either standalone instruments via an intuitive user interface or integrated as part of Turnkey RF Test System, these robust dependable modular amplifiers offer outstanding cost of ownership that meets today's and tomorrow's needs through upgradability.

Find out more about Amplifiers - Solid State

Automotive Battery Simulators

Battery simulators replace the vehicle battery in the test environment. These sources must fulfill various criteria concerning power rating, voltage, fast slew rate, very low impedance, low noise, etc. depending on the particular application. Pulse 2b, pulse 4, sine wave noise and other complex simulations are all supported. Our one, two and four-quadrant amplifiers are perfectly suited for ISO 7637 compliant simulated conducted transient testing.

Find out more about Automotive Battery Simulators

Automotive Electrical Disturbances

Automotive electrical disturbances occur regularly in the vehicle primarily due to switching of various vehicle components and affected by the vehicle harness and other parallel loads. There are both emissions and immunity tests required by the standards, of which there are many. The main standards like ISO 7637-2 and ISO 16750-2 define both how these pulses must be simulated and how they are measured and with what limits.

Find out more about Automotive Electrical Disturbances

Automotive Supply Voltage Variations

Transient immunity standards like LV 124 and ISO 16750 define immunity tests for real-world problems occur on battery systems including supply voltage dips, dropouts, and various types of ripple.

Find out more about Automotive Supply Voltage Variations

Comb Generators

Comb generators are an important piece of EMC radiated emissions testing equipment - one that can save you time and money by reducing your reliance on full, annual re-calibrations of your site and instrumentation.

Find out more about Comb Generators

Dips, Interrupts & Variations

High end single and multifunctional solutions for simulating Dips, Interrupts and Variations according to IEC/EN 61000-4-11 and IEC/EN 61000-4-29 standards.

Find out more about Dips, Interrupts & Variations

Electrostatic Discharge ESD

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) tests are used to verify complete systems and duplicate disturbances in installations. Our ESD simulators fulfill the requirements of all major ESD standards. Thanks to stabilized and monitored HV output all Teseq and EM Test simulators exceed this need by far and guarantee optimized reproducibility of tests.

Find out more about Electrostatic Discharge ESD

EMI Software

EMI/EMC testing is a critical step in bringing a new product to market. EMC testing is critical for managing risk in medical device manufacturing. Devices must be able to work together in close environments without interference or noise compromising performance.

Find out more about EMI Software

GTEM/TEM Cells/Striplines/Reverberation Chambers

GTEM, DTEM, Striplines and Reverberation Chambers (RCs) are modern EMC test environments in addition to the established methods like semi- or full anechoic rooms and open area test sites. They can be used for emission and immunity testing as required by the IEC / EN 61000-4-20, 21 and other standards.

Find out more about GTEM/TEM Cells/Striplines/Reverberation Chambers

Harmonics & Flicker

Ametek CTS offers complete harmonics and flicker measurement test systems which compiles with the latest IEC/EN standards, including IEC 61000-3-2 and IEC 61000-3-3. The programmable power generation capability of up to 108 kVA provides more than ample power to cater for a wide range of Equipment Under Test (EUT). In addition to harmonics and flicker testing capability, the AC/DC power source used in the system is capable of testing to a wide range of power quality immunity tests including IEC 61000-4-13.

Find out more about Harmonics & Flicker

Magnetic Fields

Systems for testing immunity to low frequency, pulse and DC magnetic fields.

Find out more about Magnetic Fields


RF preamplifiers are widely used to improve system sensitivity and can be especially useful in EMI/EMC radiated emissions test systems. The wide bandwidth antennas typically used for radiated emission measurements often have high transducer factors which can impact the overall measurement sensitivity for the system.

Find out more about Pre-Amplifiers

Programmable AC/DC Power Sources

Ametek CTS offers a wide range of power sources which specifically target EMC, MIL/Avionics and electrical vehicle testing. Several series are available that range from basic 50/60Hz source for harmonics and flicker testing up to high performance AC and DC sources.

Find out more about Programmable AC/DC Power Sources

RF Coupling Networks/ LISN

Coupling decoupling networks (CDN), CN, CDND, CDNE and line impedance stabilization networks (LISN) are an essential component in EMC RF testing. Teseq offers a wide range of CDNs and LISNs used in different applications according to various international standards.

Find out more about RF Coupling Networks/ LISN

RF Field Probes

RF field probes are critical to the implementation of a proper radiated immunity test system. We have RF Field Probes available from LUMILOOP.

Find out more about RF Field Probes

RF Immunity Test Systems

Signal generators covering a broad frequency range till 6 GHz, including broadband noise generator. These generators include options of full front panel control, EUT monitoring as well as remote control. AMETEK CTS also offer different software options for remote control testing.

Find out more about RF Immunity Test Systems

RF Probes and Clamps

Absorbing Clamps are used for measuring interference signals on power supply cables. Decoupling clamps and ferrite tube are available for a variety of different EMC applications. The current sensing probes are used for current monitoring applications, such as those required by the BCI standards.

Find out more about RF Probes and Clamps

RF System Components and Accessories

Specially designed system components for EMC testing requirements featuring a large dynamic range, fast measurement devices, rugged design and a frequency range that matches the application. The system components can be purchased as individual parts or as a full configured system defined by the user for frequency and power requirements.

Find out more about RF System Components and Accessories

Ring Wave/Damped Oscillatory

High end combined or single function solutions for simulating Ring Wave pulses for immunity testing. This conforms with international, national and manufacturers' standards including IEC/EN 61000-4-12 and ANSI C62.41 & 45.

Find out more about Ring Wave/Damped Oscillatory

Safety Monitors

Electromagnetic field densitometers, as used in the cellular phone industry, are referred as "personal RF safety monitors", personal protection monitors (PPM) or RF exposimeters.

Find out more about Safety Monitors

Transient Limiters

Transient limiters protect EMI receivers and spectrum analysers from transients, or random surges of energy. EMI receivers and similar electromagnetic susceptibility devices are routinely injected with bursts of energy as part of EMC testing, and as a result, may experience damage via intense feedback.

Find out more about Transient Limiters

Transient Generators (Surge, Burst)

High end combined or single function solutions for simulating Surge and Burst pulses for immunity testing which comply with international, national and manufacturers' standards including IEC/EN 61000-4-4, IEC/EN 61000-4-5, ANSI C62.41 & 45, ANSI TIA 968-B. and ITU-T.K series.

Find out more about Transient Generators (Surge, Burst)


When conducting tests for electromagnetic interference (EMI) emissions in your electrical equipment, you should consider a motorised wooden turntable - it supports and rotates your desktop or floor standing equipment and allows you to conduct effective and accurate EMC tests.

Find out more about Turntables

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