Com-Power AM-741R Active Monopole Antenna

Frequency Range: 9 kHz - 30 MHz

The 41 inch Monopole antenna is required for making electric field emission measurements below 60 MHz per Military standards (MIL-STD-461) and FAA (DO-160) specifications. This antenna is for emissions measurements only. It cannot be used for transmitting. The Active Monopole antenna is generally used in a shielded room or in a screen room, with the equipment under test (EUT) placed on a metal ground plane.

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Com-Power AM-741R Active Monopole Antenna Product Description

The AM-741R is an Active Monopole Antenna operating over the frequency range of 9 kHz to 30 MHz (usable up to 60 MHz). Its removable, telescoping rod element is adjustable from 23 to 105 cm (approximately). Most standards specify a rod height of 104 cm (41 inches).

Due to the high impedance of the rod element, a matching network with a high input impedance and 50Ω output impedance (for connection to the measurement equipment) is needed. The AM-741R provides this and also incorporates a low-noise preamplifier, thereby increasing the sensitivity and signal to noise ratio of the measurement system.

The preamplifier can be powered by its internal, rechargeable 6 VDC NimH battery pack or the supplied charger/power adaptor. The front panel has indicators for RF ON/OFF, power, battery low, amplifier saturation, as well as charging status. The matching network enclosure is secured to the bottom side of the of a 60.5 cm square, polished aluminium counterpoise.


The AM-741R Active Monopole Antenna is used for radiated emissions measurements, typically below 30 MHz. It is commonly used for tests according to RE102 of MIL-STD-461, Section 21 of RTCA DO-160, CISPR 25 (automotive), and other various standards. It is required per most test procedures, that the counterpoise be bonded directly to the ground plane on (or over) which the Equipment Under Test (EUT) is installed.

However, per the latest revisions of MIL-STD 461, the antenna may only be grounded through the shield of the output cable via a metallic bracket bonded to the chamber floor, directly below the antenna. It also specifies that the output cable be fitted with a ferrite, centred between the bracket and antenna output, having an impedance of 20-30Ω at 20 MHz. ComPower’s AMS-741 Monopole Grounding Kit, which includes the output cable (with ferrite), elbow adaptor and grounding bracket, is available separately.

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