Automotive Supply Voltage Variations

Automotive Supply Voltage Variations

About Automotive Supply Voltage Variations

Transient immunity standards like LV 124 and ISO 16750 define immunity tests for real-world problems occur on battery systems including supply voltage dips, dropouts, and various types of ripple.

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EM Test AMP 200N LF Signal & Amplifier

Built-in DDS sinus signal generator up to 500 kHz

AMP 200N2 - Low-frequency signal / amplifier for supply simulation and magnetic field testing The AMP 200N2 has been designed as a low-frequency signal source to generate sinusoidal signals used to simulate ripple noise and ground shift noise as required by a variety of standards in the avionics, military and automotive industry.


EM Test Autowave

Generates and records automotive waveforms

AutoWave - A new dimension for battery supply simulation in the automotive area Battery simulation becomes more and more an issue in today´s automotive testing. Waveforms are getting more and more complex.


EM Test CA LV124/LV148 Series Calibration Set

Low inductive load resistor for direct connection into the PFM 200N Series output power plugs

The CA LV sets include four load resistors for the verification of the pulses, for example E10 and E13 of the LV 124 (2013). The load resistors CA LV124-P1R and CA LV124-P100R are used for power line verification. For verification the 16 signal and data lines the CA LV124-D1R and CA LV124-D1000R are used.


EM Test CN 200N Series Audio Transformer

Frequency response 10 Hz to 500 kHz

CN 200N Series - Single-box transformer assembly for LF conducted immunity testing The CN 200N Series is a standalone coupling network unifying up to three audio transformers, each with 100 A capacity, being configurable for various test requirements (e.g. LV 123, ISO/TS 7637-4 draft).


EM TEST CN 200N1 Audio Transformer Assembly

Frequency response 10 Hz to 250 kHz

The CN 200N1 is a standalone coupling network unifying two audio transformers being individually configurable for various test requirements (e.g. Ford FMC1278 and SAE J1113-2).


EM Test PFM 200N Series Automotive Power Fail Simulator

Switch for Power supply (100A/200A) and signal/data lines (2A)

The PFM 200N100.1 and PFM 200N200 have been designed to fully meet the requirements for E10, E13 and E14 of the LV 124 and the E48-09 of the LV 148. It also allows to perform micro interruptions with fast rise/fall time of as low as 200ns as required by GMW 3172, sec. 9.2.18.


EM Test PFS 200N Series Automotive Power Fail Simulator

Standalone test generator for voltage dips and interruptions

PFS 200N - Automotive Power Fail Simulator For Voltage Dips and Interruptions The PFS 200N Automotive Power Fail simulator is used to comply with standard requirements, mainly from vehicle manufacturers, to perform fast voltage dips ad drops (micro-interruptions).


EM Test SNG 200P Series Fast Edge Switching Noise

Fast edge switch noise for VW 80300, EHV-16

SNG 200P - EHV-16 Fast Edge Switching Noise The SNG 200P is designed to simulate high voltage events in electrical vehicles according to EHV-16.


Teseq +DS Option

Three switch solution for positive, negative, auxiliary and short-circuit (LV 124) operation

Besides dropouts like in standards like ISO 16750-2, it is often required by many manufacturers’ standards to perform very fast dropout testing using a switch. This dropout switch in the NSG 5500 +ARB +DS has been totally reengineered from the ground up for clean, symmetrical switching on all three switches: BAT+, BAT- and a new short-circuit (S2) switch for European requirements like LV 124.


Teseq ARB 5500 Arbitrary Generator

Fits in a NSG 5500 for nearly all requirements in one 19” rack

The arbitrary generator ARB 5500 fits in the controller of the NSG 5500 and, together with AutoStar™ 7, provides the necessary control for battery and all battery simulation events, as well as advanced functions like power magnetics and continuous wave (ripple) simulations. This means that with the addition of some transient modules and a dropout switch, nearly all every-day requirements can fi t in one 19” generator.


Teseq TC 5500

Frequency response 10 Hz to 500 kHz

The TC 5500 is a standalone coupling network unifying two audio transformers being individually configurable for various test requirements (e.g. Ford FMC1278 and SAE J1113-2).

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