Schlöder CDG CMP-46 Current Monitoring Probe

This Product Is No Longer Available. Please See Our EMC Range Here.

Current Monitoring probes may be used for RF current measurements with the advantage that there is no loading of the circuit, thus allowing normal operation of the DUT while the measurement is done. The CDG CMP-46 measures RF common mode currents (asymmetrical currents) of single conductors or bundles of conductors (the sum of currents considering the sign is of importance).

The current measurements are made by placing the current carrying conductor inside the central opening of the probe and measuring the output voltage by means of an RF voltmeter, which can be converted to the equivalent current value.

The CMP-46 can be used as current monitor for BCI testing (ISO 11452-4, MIL-STD 461, DO-160 and others as well as acc. to IEC / EN 61000-4-6 chapter 7.4.

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