Com-Power EMC Turntables Series

Motorised Wooden Turntables

Used for EMC Testing, the TTW-400 and TTW-600 motorised wooden turntables are low profile, above ground circular testing platforms for rotating equipment under test (EUT) during commercial EMC testing. The turntable can support and rotate desktop or floor standing equipment. The equipment is rotated to identify the position or angle at which the EUT radiates the maximum electromagnetic interference. The turntable can be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise using the the remote switch. The rotation drive consist of motor and gear reduction drive. The table top is constructed using wood laminated with Formica to prevent absorption of moisture.

Load Rating

4 Feet

9 Inches

1000 lbs



6 Feet

9 Inches

1000 lbs


Com-Power EMC Turntables Series Product Description

TTW-100 series motorised turntables are above ground circular testing platforms for rotating equipment during commercial EMC testing. They are constructed with wood coated with weather resistant laminates for outdoor or indoor use. The TTW-104 platform is 4 feet in diameter. The TTW-106 is 6 feet in diameter. The rotation drive consists of 1/15 HP motor and gear reduction drive. These turntables can handle up 455 kg of an evenly distributed load. The turntables are supplied with a remote switch to change the direction of rotation during the test. The remote switch is connected to the motor by using a 9.8 foot (3 meters) cable supplied with the turntable. An optional wooden table is available for testing desktop equipment.


The TTW-100 series turntables are used for testing electronic equipment for EMI compliance. These requirement are specified by agencies such as FCC and CISPR. The turntable is required to support and rotate desktop and floor standing equipment in order to maximise emission readings. The turntable can be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise using the remote switch. The turntable is typically used on an Open Area Test Site (OATS) or shielded room.

The wooden table is placed on the turntable platform for testing desktop equipment. It is constructed to meet total height (turntable + table) requirement for testing table top equipment. The cables to the EUT are routed through the opening in the centre of the table. The remote switch is placed typically next to the receiver or spectrum analyser for convenience during testing.

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