Com-Power PAL-010 Audio & Low Frequency Preamplifier

Frequency Range: 100 Hz - 30 MHz / Gain: 28 dB

The Com-Power model PAL-010 Preamplifier is for EMC compliance testing. It has a frequency range of 100 Hz to 30 MHz and has a gain of 28 dB gain. Therefore, It amplifies the signals that were previously hidden below the receiver noise floor of the EMI receiver so that it can be seen and measured. The PAL-010 has a gain variation of ±2.5 dB for the entire frequency range to reduce measurement errors. It can be powered by the rechargeable NimH batteries included when an external power source is not available.

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Com-Power PAL-010 Audio & Low Frequency Preamplifier Product Description

The model PAL-010 are general purpose, broadband, high gain, bench top preamplifiers. These preamplifiers reduce floor noise and increase system sensitivity to low level signals during Electromagnetic Interference (EMC) testing. They also provide input isolation to your expensive test equipment. The PAL-010 has a frequency range of 100 Hz to 30 MHz. The simple front panel consists of two 50 Ω matched BNC connectors for input and output. The preamplifiers were designed to have minimal gain variation for the entire frequency range to reduce EMC measurement errors.

Each preamplifier is individually calibrated and the gain data is shipped with the unit. Power to the model PAL010 is supplied by a 12 VDC, 500 mA external wall mount adaptor. The preamplifier can also be powered by batteries for field use. The same adaptor charges the internal re-chargeable battery pack.


The PAL-010 is primarily used for EMC radiated emissions testing. These preamplifiers can be used during EMC testing for FCC, CISPR, EN, FAA and MIL-STD. This preamplifier could also be used in other applications that require a high gain preamplifier. The enhanced system sensitivity due to high gain is very helpful when making EMC measurements using antennas on an Open Area Test Site (OATS) or probing a printed circuit board using Near Field Probes. This allows measurements of those frequencies from the equipment under test, that are not visible on the spectrum analyser display unless amplified. The preamplifier gain will cause peaks to be visible above the background noise of the analyser. These frequencies may go undetected if a preamplifier with a high gain was not used.

In addition, preamplifiers could improve sensitivity of counters and power meters. The PAL-010 can also be used to increase the available power from your sweeper or signal generator.

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