Programmable AC/DC Power Sources

Programmable AC/DC Power Sources

About Programmable AC/DC Power Sources

Ametek CTS offers a wide range of power sources which specifically target EMC, MIL/Avionics and electrical vehicle testing. Several series are available that range from basic 50/60Hz source for harmonics and flicker testing up to high performance AC and DC sources.

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AMETEK CTS C-BOX 10/100-1000 Shunt Capacitor

Shunt capacitor for ripple testing

The C-Box 10/100-1000 is used to bypass the power source during ripple testing. It comes in a compact box containing two capacitances of 10 and 100 uF. The value can be selected by setting the jumper on the front panel of the box.


AMETEK CTS SPN 3-690-200 Surge Protection Network

Surge Protection Network

This Surge Protection Network is used together with a surge generator (i.e. compact NX5 or NSG 3000A series) and an electronic power source (i.e. NetWave or PowerWave). It acts as an additional filter to minimize the residual voltage of the coupling network during surge testing. It can be used for AC and DC on single, two or three line supplies.


EM Test NetWave 108 Series Three-Phase Multifunctional AC/DC Power Source

Output Power up to 270 kVA AC/324 kW DC

NetWave - Simulation of the most required power supply phenomenon The NetWave Series (3-phase) are three-phase AC/DC power source, specifically designed to fully meet the requirements as per the standards IEC/EN 61000-4-13, -4-14, -4-28 and in addition to pre compliance testing to -4-27.


EM Test PowerWave 250 Electronic Power Source

250 kVA/kW, upgradeable to 1 MVA/1MW

PowerWave is a high power, electronically controlled power sources suitable for applications where exceptional performance is required. Electric Vehicle testing according ECE R10 PowerWave is the ideal source to supply your EMC chamber and conducted test area with the power that is needed. It combines AC and DC in a compact footprint and allows charging in Mode 3 (AC) and Mode 4 (DC).

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