Ring Wave/Damped Oscillatory

Ring Wave/Damped Oscillatory

About Ring Wave/Damped Oscillatory

High end combined or single function solutions for simulating Ring Wave pulses for immunity testing. This conforms with international, national and manufacturers' standards including IEC/EN 61000-4-12 and ANSI C62.41 & 45.

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EM Test CNV 504N5.1 Coupling/Decoupling Networks

max. 3kV peak for 100kHz and 1MHz damped oscillatory waves

The CNV 504N5-series coupling/decoupling networks are used to apply slow damped oscillatory waves onto signal/data lines in accordance to EN/IEC 61000-4-18. A capacitance of 0.5uF is specified to couple the pulses on to the lines. Each line has a decoupling inductor of 1.5mH or 3.0 mH to protect the auxiliary equipment from being subjected to the test pulse.


EM Test CNV 508N4 Coupling/Decoupling Networks

Nominal line voltage max. 250V AC/DC

The CNV 508N4 series are special coupling/decoupling networks being used to perform "Electrical disturbance tests for measuring relays and protection equipment" in accordance to IEC 60255-26. A capacitance of 0.5uF is specified to couple the pulses on to the lines.


EM Test Compact NX7 Series Multifunctional Test Generator

Smallest compact generator with 7" touch screen

The compact Next Generation NX7 is the most versatile tester to address transient and power fail requirements for both international and commercial standards. Featuring an easy-to-use color touch screen, the NX7 provides an economical solution for pre-compliance immunity testing as well as full-compliance testing and CE Marking.


EM Test OCS 500N6 Series Oscillatory Wave Simulator

Standalone test generator

OCS 500N6 - Compact tester for Ringwave and Damped Oscillatory Waves The OCS 500N6 includes test capabilities for ringwave up to 6kV (as per EN/IEC 61000-4-12) and the damped oscillatory waves at 100 kHz and 1 MHz up to 3 kV (as per EN/IEC 61000-4-18).


EM Test OCS 500N6F Series

Fully automated single box test system

OCS 500N6Fx - Compact testers for fast/slow Damped Oscillatory Waves and Ringwave The OCS 500N6F series includes the test capabilities for fast damped oscillatory waves at 3 MHz, 10 MHz and 30 MHz up to 4.4kV and is extendable for slow damped oscillatory waves at 100 kHz / 1 MHz up to 3.0 kV (as per EN/IEC 61000-4-18) and for ringwave up to 6 kV as per EN/IEC 61000-4-12.


Teseaq NSG 3060A Ringwave Generator

One box solution system

Teseq’s new NSG 3060A conducted immunity generator takes the proven, user-friendly design of the highly successful NSG 3000 series to a new level. This innovative design uses modular architecture to provide a versatile system that can be configured for basic testing needs and expanded to meet the needs of sophisticated test laboratories.

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