Ceyear 2498C Optical Multimeter

  • Manufacturer: Ceyear
  • SKU: 2498C

Integrates light source and optical power meter

The Ceyear 2498C Optical Multimeter is a handheld and intelligent tester of multiple functions, integrates light source and optical power meter. Besides absolute and relative power tests, it can perform optical loss tests of optical fibers, optical cables and optical passive components, and is ideal for installation, maintenance and repair of optical fiber communication and cable TV systems.

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Ceyear 2498C Optical Multimeter Product Description

  • Small size, light weight, easy for carry-over, simple for operation
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, AA Cell batteries also fits
  • Data storage and read out
  • Auto zero
  • Dust protected optical port, avoid being polluted
  • Size is small and designed to be handheld, suitable for field operation.
  • Inside power management circuit handles charging and capacity of electricity. The power meter contains a built-in chargeable Lithium-ion battery and 3 AA Cell batteries can function in the battery compartmentas an alternative.
  • Save existing absolute power value when necessary, also can read out and display stored data using PC software.
  • Just one press can perform zero, measurement precision of weak signals can be guaranteed.

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