Ceyear 6471A FTTH Optical Fusion Splicer

  • Manufacturer: Ceyear
  • SKU: 6471A-FTTH

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The Ceyear 6471A FTTH Optical Fusion Splicer is a newly designed, multi-function optical fibre fusion splicer, used specifically for fibre splicing in FTTH environments. With a compact, innovative design, the 6471A is easy to operate, even in the most confined spaces. This instrument features an extremely clear image display, thanks to its optical imaging system and full-digital design.

Ceyear 6471A FTTH Optical Fusion Splicer Product Description

6471A FTTH Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer is a newly designed multi-functional optical fiber fusion splicer, which is specially used for fiber splicing under FTTH environment. With compact structure and exquisite design, it is easy to operate even in confined space. The optical imaging system and full-digital design make the image display clear and delicate. The embedded real-time operating system provides friendly operation interface and multiple functions. The built-in high capacity lithium battery guarantees long-time field operation. The real-time environment (temperature and air pressure) compensation system greatly improves ability against the hostile external environment, and thus ensures the consistency of low-loss splicing in different environments.

Ceyear 6471A FTTH Functions & Features

  • Various dedicated holders; applicable to FTTH environment, as well as ordinary optical fiber projects
  • Precise alignment of fiber cores to ensure the low-loss splicing
  • 9 seconds for splicing, 30 seconds for pyrocondensation
  • X/Y axis simultaneous display, 304 times of magnification
  • Can be set to automatically start splicing once closing the windshield, and automatically start pyrocondesantion once closing the heating cover
  • Real-time discharging correction, no need to adjust the parameters
  • Long lifetime of electrode, discharging up to 4000 times
  • USB and VGA ports
  • 5.7 inch digital HD LCD
  • Built-in high capability lithium battery, support 320 times of splicing and heating
  • Real-time accurate display of remaining battery capability
  • Software upgrading via U disk

Multiple dedicated holders

6471A FTTH Fusion Splicer is improved on the basis of 6471 to be suitable for FTTH environment. Besides all original functions of 6471, 6471A is also capable of splicing and heating among various optical fibers like bow-type, jumper, SC connectors etc.. Different holders to complete above functions are as follows:

HD optical image acquisition system

  • HD dual-separation fiber aligner
  • High-performance low-noise CMOS image sensor
  • Image pixel: 640*480, 60fps
  • Image information output via VGA port

Typical Applications

FTTH environment and ordinary optical fiber projects

As the producer of the first domestic optical fiber fusion splicer, CETI has over 20 years of experience in fusion splicer development and application, and well knows the requirements of high-quality and high-efficiency fiber splicing. AV6471A is a newly designed optical fiber fusion splicer which is compact, easy to operate, and convenient to carry. The structure design conforms to the operating principles of ergonomics, and it can easily conduct the splicing even when the fiber is quite short.

Besides FTTH environment, AV6471A FTTH optical fiber fusion splicer can also be applied in engineering construction, line maintenance, and emergency repairing of all optical cable lines, production & test of optical fiber components, as well as research and teaching.

Ceyear 6471A FTTH Optical Fusion Splicer Specifications

Main Technical Specifications
Fiber Type SM, MM, DS, NZDS
Splice Loss (Typical Value) 0.02 dB (SM), 0.01 dB (MM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04 dB (NZDS)
Return Loss Better than 60 dB
Operation Mode Full-Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual
Fiber Alignment Advanced PAS aligning
Applicable Fibers C connector (optional) and 0.25mm, 0.9mm ordinary optical fibers
Cleave Length 8~16mm
Magnification 304/152 times
Display High-performance 5.7 inch LCD; provide clear and exquisite image display
Proof Test Standard 2N (optional)
Pyrocondensation Tube 60mm, 40mm and a series of pyrocondensation tubes
Battery Capability Typical 320 splices; charging time: about 3.5 hours (available during charging)
Battery Life 300~500 times of charging, can be exchanged by users
Electrode Life Typical Value: 4000 arc discharges; can be exchanged by users
Construction Lighting Built-in high-brightness, wide-range light, convenient for night operation.
Power Supply Built-In lithium battery: 11.1V; external adaptor, Input: AC100-240V, Output: DC13.5V/4.5A
Weight 2.7kg (without battery)
Operation Interface Chinese/English
Size W×H×D=150mm×140mm×160mm

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