Ceyear 6481A 6 Motor Optical Fusion Splicer

  • Manufacturer: Ceyear
  • SKU: 6481A

Optical Fibre Fusions Splicer for Fusion & Protection of Communications Fibres

The Ceyear 6481A Optical Fusion Splicer is a small optical fibre fusion splicer, used primarily for fusion and protection of common communications fibres. The rich functionality and ultra-low splice loss make the 6481A suitable for fibre splicing in a variety of environments. This highly reliable and adaptable instrument is compact, lightweight, dust-resistant, water-resistant and shock-resistant.

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Ceyear 6481A 6 Motor Optical Fusion Splicer Product Description

6481A Optical Fibre Fusion Splicer is small size optical fibre fusions splicer, mainly used for fusion and protection of common communications fibres. The rich functionality and ultra-low splice loss make the splicer adaptive to fibre splicing in various environments. It is featured with small size, light weight, high reliability, greater environmental adaptability, dust-resistant, water-resistant and shock-resistant. Multiple fusion modes and heating modes are available to meet diversified customers’ demands. Fibre loading becomes more convenient and accurate thanks to the ceramic V-groove of high precision, which is easy for clean and maintenance. The splicer is capable of dual-directional fusion. The monitor is a touch screen delivers fresh designed graphical interfaces, which are simple for operation. The modular pluggable lithium-ion battery of large-capacity ensures long-time field operations. The auto environment compensation system greatly improves adaptability of the splicer to hostile environments, so that low-loss splice can be remained consistent in various environments.

Ceyear 6481A Functions & Features

  • 6 Motor
  • Small size, light weight
  • 7s fast splicing, 18s highly efficient heating
  • 320 times image magnification, 5mm fusing for ultra-short cleave length
  • 300 groups of splice modes, 100 groups of heating modes, 10000 groups of fusion records /64 images storage
  • Ceramic presser foot, ceramic V-groove, all-in-one fixture
  • Dual-directional fusing, auto fusing, intelligent heat shrink
  • USB and SD card interface, auto update of U disk
  • Built-in modular lithium-ion battery, at least 220 counts of splicing and heating cycles
  • GUI (graphical user interface) and touch screen, convenient for operation
  • Dust-resistant, water-resistant, shock-resistant, greater environment adaptability

Ceyear 6481A 6 Motor Optical Fusion Splicer Specifications

6481A Optical Fusion Splicer Specification 6
Motor Quantity
Alignment method
Optical fiber diameter
Return loss
Splicing time (typical)
Heating time (typical)
Protection sleeve
Graphical display
Magnification time
Fusion records
Remote maintenance
Battery capacity
Battery service life
Electrode service life
Construction lighting
Operation interfaces
External power

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