Ceyear 6313C Optical Laser Source

  • Manufacturer: Ceyear
  • SKU: 6313C

Telecommunication, CATV and LAN cable tests

The Ceyear 6313C Optical Laser Source is handheld dual-channel equipment, which can be used in telecommunication, CATV and LAN cable tests. The optical laser source deploys an integrative mold of two colors and materials, which makes it beautiful in appearance and novel in design.

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Ceyear 6313C Optical Laser Source Product Description

The panel is simple and the keys are convenient for operation. Employing universal Micro-USB interface, it can use external power input, built-in lithium-ion battery, or 3 AA Cell batteries for power supply, which type is flexible by enabling intelligent switch function. The long operating duration suits construction and maintenance of long-time optical communication projects in the field.

6313C Features & Functions

  • Advanced integrative mold of two colours and materials, robust and durable
  • Dust-free cap on the top, protects output interface of optical fibers
  • Output of various optical wavelengths: single-port dual wavelengths or double-port four wavelengths (two single-modes, two multi-modes)
  • 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz internal modulation
  • Adjustable optical output power with the steps in 1dB, the range is 6dB
  • Universal Micro-USB interface, multiple types for power supply, extra long operation duration
  • Intelligent switch of power sources, prioritise external power input
  • Auto protection when shutdown, power sing
  • Multiple replaceable optical out ports, clean of end face is more convenient

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