Keysight L4421A 40-Channel Armature Multiplexer

40-Channel Armature Multiplexer

The LXI series L4421A is a 40-channel armature multiplexer that is LXI compliant for general purpose scanning and uses Ethernet connectivity to simplify distributed LXI data acquisition.

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Keysight L4421A 40-Channel Armature Multiplexer Product Description

40-channel multiplexer offers high-performance signal switching wherever your application needs it

The Keysight Technologies, Inc. L4421A is a high-performance 40-channel armature multiplexer that is LXI Class C compliant. With its small size and Ethernet connectivity, this switch can be placed wherever your application needs it.

The L4421A is a versatile multiplexer for general purpose scanning or, when using the module in a non-scanning mode, you can close as many channels as you wish. The low thermal offset characteristics and built-in thermo- couple reference on the terminal block, make it ideal for temperature measurements when used with an external DMM. The dense, multi-function switching with 100 channel/ second scan rates addresses a broad spectrum of data acquisition, design verification and functional test applications. The Ethernet connection also simplifies distributed data acquisition so that you can collect data from multiple locations.

Four additional fused inputs (channels 41- 44) can route up to 1 A of current to an external DMM, allowing for AC and DC current measurements without the need for external shunt resistors.

Using this LXI instrument, you’ll get all the benefits of an Ethernet connection, instrument web interface, standard software drivers and more. The LXI standard is supported by multiple vendors, enabling lower cost of test with accelerated test integration and development.

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