Keysight U1233A 3.5 Digit Handheld Multimeters

Digital Multimeter

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Retool your expectations with the Keysight U1230 Series (U1231A, U1232A, U1233A) multimeter – the first to combine a built-in LED flashlight, both audible and visual alerts, and non-contact AC voltage detection in one handheld. Whether it is dark, noisy, or dangerous, the U1230 pocket multimeter will equip you with features that anticipate your worst-case scenarios.

Keysight U1233A 3.5 Digit Handheld Multimeters Product Description

  • 6,000 counts, CAT III 600V rated
  • True RMS AC to 1kHz, AC/DCV: 600mV to 600V, AC/DCI 60µA to 10A, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode, Continuity, Temperature, Vsense
  • Vsense to perform non-contact voltage detection
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Flashing backlight as visual alert
  • Store select data for analysis at a later time
  • Data logging capability (stores up to 10 readings)
  • IR connectivity to transfer data to PC for record
  • 3-Year warranty

Ergonomically shaped with a built-in flashlight
Built for handheld users working in a poorly lit environment, the U1230 Series allows you to single-handedly illuminate your test area while making measurements with its easily activated built-in flashlight. Its ergonomic shape fits your hand, while the easily accessible rotary dial allows selection of measurement functions.

The U1230 Series DMMs minimize the need to second-guess a measurement in dark/noisy environments. Whether it's dark, noisy or even dangerous, the multimeters help you prepare for these conditions with features that anticipate worst-case scenarios, but make everyday tasks easier.

Non-contact voltage detection with Vsense
The Vsense, a unique feature found in the U1233A, performs non-contact voltage detection. It delivers more safety while making measurements in dangerous working environments by avoiding any contact with hot or live wires. Upon detection of voltage, it produces a unique combination of beeping alert and blinking LED light to make measurements more efficiently — especially in a dark or noisy environment.

Flashing backlight and beeping alert for continuity detection
Using just one hand, you can illuminate the test area with its built-in flashlight while you measure and change or choose measuring functions. Vsense performs non-contact voltage detection (U1233A) while the unique combination of beeping alert and blinking display/LED allows you to safely detect hot wires, and easily make continuity measurements.

Ships with: U1167A test leads, certificate of calibration, four AAA batteries, Quick Start Guide.

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