Tektronix High Bandwidth Optical Probe Series

General Laser Signal Acquisition up to Respective Bandwidth 33 GHz or 59 GHz.

The DPO7OE series optical probes with a DPO70000 real-time scope deliver the performance and advanced debug capabilities designers need to fully troubleshoot 400G PAM4 signals, up to 56 GBaud, and reduce time to market.

These probes can also be used as a conventional O/E with flat response filter for general laser signal acquisition up to their respective bandwidth of 33 GHz or 59 GHz.

Wavelength Response
High-bandwidth DC
Optical Noise
NRZ / PAM2 and PAM4

1200m - 1650nm

up to 59 GHz

10 uW rms (ATI)

up to 56 Gbaud


750nm - 1650nm

up to 33 GHz

6.6 uW rms (TekConnect / ATI)

up to 28 Gbaud

Tektronix High Bandwidth Optical Probe Series Product Description

The DPO7OE Series Optical probes can be used as Optical Reference Receivers (ORR) for high speed serial data signals (using selectable Bessel-Thomson ORR filters), or can be used as a conventional O/E converter for general wide-bandwidth optical signal acquisition. The DPO7OE Series is compatible with DPO/MSO70000 C/DX/SX models. Connect to TekConnect channels for up to 33 GHz electrical bandwidth. Connected to ATI channels, the DPO7OE1 provides up to 42 GHz electrical response; the DPO7OE2 provides up to 59 GHz electrical bandwidth response.

Features and benefits

  • Accurate Optical Reference Receiver (ORR) filters for 25 GBd, 26 GBd, 28 GBd, and 53 GBd optical networking standards ensure highest measurement accuracy and correlation
  • Versatile design delivers Bessel-Thompson ORR specified bandwidths or unfiltered response up to 59 GHz on multiple channels
  • Broad wavelength with FC/PC or FC/APC connector options
  • High sensitivity and low noise provide best SNR for high-speed signal analysis
  • Enables deep analysis of PAM4 and PAM2 (NRZ) signaling, equalization and error detection/isolation
  • Compatible with ATI and TekConnect® channels for maximum performance or channel density


  • Datacenter networking equipment design validation
  • Research - Characterization of laser-based velocity measurement system (e.g. PDV, BLR) and other optical phenomena
  • System debug of optical interfaces using a real time oscilloscope's unique debug features

Tektronix High Bandwidth Optical Probe Series Specifications

Wavelength Response High-Bandwidth DC Opitcal Noise NRZ / PAM2 and PAM4
1200m - 1650nm up to 59 GHz 10 uW rms (ATI) up to 56 Gbaud

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