Tektronix P6021A Current Probe

60 MHz Bandwidth, Rise Time: < 5.8 ns

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The P6021A Current Probe provides versatile AC current measurements. This probe provides accurate current measurements over a wide range of frequencies and allows current measurements without breaking the circuit by clipping onto the current-carrying conductor.

Tektronix P6021A Current Probe Product Description

The P6021 and P6022 Current Probes provide versatile AC current measurements. Both probes provide accurate current measurements over a wide range of frequencies. The P6021 and P6022 allow current measurements without breaking the circuit by clipping onto the current carrying conductor. Shielded probe heads are not grounded when the slides are in their open positions, eliminating accidental grounding of the circuit under test.

Key performance specifications

  • P6021A
    • 120 Hz to 60 MHz
    • 5.3 A RMS, 250 A peak, 10 mA sensitivity
  • P6022
    • 935 Hz to 120 MHz
    • 2.12 A RMS, 100 A peak, 1 mA sensitivity

Key features

  • For 1 MΩ inputs
  • Shielded probe head
  • AC only
  • Split core construction allows easy circuit connection
  • 1.5 m (5 ft) cable


  • Motor drives
  • Power inverters/converters
  • Power supplies
  • Avionics


For general purpose applications, the P6021A provides wide-band performance with excellent low-frequency characteristics. Bandwidth is 120 Hz to 60 MHz. The probe range is switchable between 2 mA/mV and 10 mA/mV.


With a head size of 0.47 in. x 0.25 in. (10 mm x 6 mm, about half the size of the P6021A) and a bandwidth of 935 Hz to 120 MHz, the P6022 is ideal for measuring currents in compact, high-performance circuits. Passive termination output is switchable between 1 mA/mV and 10 mA/mV.

Tektronix P6021A Current Probe Specifications

Model Max Current Min Current Bandwidth Rise Time
P6021A Max RMS: 10.6 A, Peak Current: 250 A 10 mA 60 MHz < 5.8 ns

Tektronix P6021A Current Probe Resources

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