Tektronix TDP7708 Low Voltage Differential Probe

8 GHz Bandwidth

The TDP7708 TriMode probe uses the new TekFlex connector technology that combines a high speed signal path with power and communication support for an active buffer tip in a single, easy to connect accessory connector. The TekFlex connector has a pinch-to-open design that when open requires minimal force to attach an accessory tip. When the TekFlex connector is closed, it provides a secure connection to the accessory to avoid accidental disconnections.

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Tektronix TDP7708 Low Voltage Differential Probe Product Description

The TDP7708 TriMode probe provides the highest probe fidelity available for real-time oscilloscopes. In addition, with connectivity innovations such as solder down tips with the probe’s input buffer mounted only a few millimeters from the end of the tip, the TDP7708 probe provides unmatched usability for connecting to today’s most challenging electronic designs.

Key features

  • High bandwidth for signal fidelity
    • 8 GHz TDP7708
  • Minimal device impact
    • Thin and flexible solder tips
    • Lightweight and flexible probe cable
    • Active buffer tip design for low probe loading
  • Easy to connect TekFlex™ Connector technology
    • Pinch-to-Open accessory connector
    • Versatile Connectivity - solder down tips, optional browser for handheld or fixtured probing, and coaxial input (SMA adapter)
    • Cross compatibility with P7700 series tip accessories
    • Full Bandwidth to 10 GHz
    • Probe cable and solder down tips operate over an extended temperature range
  • Probe and tip specific S-parameters
    • Full AC calibration of the probe and tip's signal path based upon unique s-parameter models
    • Unique DSP filters created for each probe and tip
  • FlexChannel® interface for oscilloscope/probe control and usability
    • Direct control via probe buttons or from the oscilloscope's menus
    • Automated control of probe settings via the oscilloscope
    • Automatic recognition of the probe and tip when attached to the oscilloscope

Tektronix TDP7708 Low Voltage Differential Probe Specifications

Model Bandwidth Input Impedance Attenuation Maximum Voltage
TDP7708 8 GHz 100kΩ (SIT) 150kΩ (BRW) || .04 pF 4X / 10X ±12 V

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