Tektronix P7508 Low Voltage Differential Probe

8 GHz Bandwidth, Rise Time: <55 ps

With the Tektronix P7508 TriMode probe, you can be confident in the signal fidelity of your measurements. The innovative new Tektronix differential architecture, coupled with the superior electrical performance of IBM SiGe technology, provides the bandwidth and fidelity to meet the industry needs of today as well as tomorrow.

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Tektronix P7508 Low Voltage Differential Probe Product Description

Key features

  • TriMode™ Probe – One setup, three measurements without adjusting probe tip connections
    • Differential
    • Single ended
    • Common mode (Requires only one probe vs. conventional probing techniques)
  • Signal fidelity
    • 8 GHz P7508
  • Versatile connectivity – solder down, handheld, fixtured
    • Variety of solder-down options
      • TriMode™ solder tips
      • Small form factor for high-density probing
      • Bandwidth choices from 4 to 25 GHz
      • 1.5 m extension cable for high-temperature probing
      • Quickly and reliably connect to multiple probe tips
    • Precision Differential Probing Module – Optional handheld and fixtured probing
      • Small precision-tapered tips, an articulated joint for compliance, and variable tip spacing
  • TekConnect® Interface – TekConnect scope/probe control and usability
    • Direct control from probe compensation box or from scope menu
    • Automated measurement control through the TekConnect® Interface to connect to Tektronix real-time oscilloscopes
    • View TriMode/attenuation settings on probe compensation box from top or end panel


  • Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • PCI Express, Serial ATA, DDR2/3/4, USB

Tektronix P7508 Low Voltage Differential Probe Specifications

Model Bandwidth Input Impedance Attenuation Maximum Voltage
P7508 8 GHz 100 kΩ 5X / 12.5X ±15 V (DC + pk AC)

Tektronix P7508 Low Voltage Differential Probe Resources

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