Keysight B2961B 6.5-Digit Low Noise Power Source, 32 W, 210 V, 3 A, 1-Channel

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The Keysight B2960 Series 6.5-digit low noise power source are a new generation of power sources offering precision, wide bipolar output ranges, and other innovative features such as graphing capability and arbitrary waveform generation capability, enabling test and evaluation that conventional power sources cannot do.

Keysight B2961B 6.5-Digit Low Noise Power Source, 32 W, 210 V, 3 A, 1-Channel Product Description

B2961B and B2962B 6.5 Digit Low Noise Power Source

You can choose between 1-channel (B2961B) and 2-channel (B2962B) models, allowing you to select the exact amount of bench-top power source performance to meet your testing needs.

Best-in-class 6.5 digit resolution (100 nV/10 fA minimum resolutions)Wide bipolar (4-quadrant) voltage/current ranges (210 V/3 A DC, 10.5 A Pulse)Ultra low noise filter (10 μVrms, 1 nV/√ Hz at 10 kHz)Intuitive graphical user interface with wide 4.3” colour LCDConvenient 4.5 digit voltage/current monitorTime domain waveform viewer for quick check and debugPrecision 1 mHz –10 kHz arbitrary waveform generation capabilityFlexible programmable output resistance function
Keysight B2961B & B2962B Precision Digit Low Noise Power Source

Impressive 6.5 Digit 100 nV/10 fA Resolution, 10 μVrms Ultra Low Noise and Innovative Source Functions Accelerate Your Research and Development

Revolutionary power supply/source meets both existing and future test needs

Power supplies/sources are essential instruments for test and evaluation across the electronics industry. The on-going industry trends of reduced power consumption and faster communication data rates increasingly require power sources that can support lower levels of current and voltage. These requirements mandate that power supplies/sources meet ever higher levels of performance.

The Keysight B2961B/B2962B 6.5 Digit Low Noise Power Source is a new bench-top power supply/source with revolutionary capabilities and functions not previously available. Its unique features include bipolar current sourcing and sinking, a programmable output resistance feature, and a time-domain waveform viewer supported in the graphical user interface (GUI).

In addition to these innovative bench-top power supply/source features, the B2961B/B2962B can be controlled remotely using Keysight PC-based BenchVue, Quick I/V Measurement Software or through any LXI compliant web browser. These capabilities simplify the task of incorporating measurement data and graphs into reports and presentations. The superior performance and innovative functions of the B2961B/B2962B cover a broad range of test applications.

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Keysight B2961B 6.5-Digit Low Noise Power Source, 32 W, 210 V, 3 A, 1-Channel Resources

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