Ceyear 364XX Millimeter-Wave VNA Extender Series

  • Manufacturer: Ceyear
  • SKU: 364XX

Frequency Range: 50 - 500 GHz

The Ceyear 364XX Millimeter-Wave VNA Extender Extender has reached the international level in measurement speed, dynamic range and measurement stability. For hardware, it adopts new design concept and technical solution, which significantly enhance the key performance indexes of the instrument. As for the software, the frequency extending system is based on Windows OS, which greatly improves the interconnectivity and practicability of the instrument.

Frequency Range

50 - 75 GHz


75 - 110 GHz


110 - 170 GHz


170 - 220 GHz


220 - 325 GHz


325 - 500 GHz

Ceyear 364XX Millimeter-Wave VNA Extender Series Product Description

Functions & Features

  • Frequency range: 50 GHz - 500 GHz
  • Windows 7 operating system, Simplified Chinese menu (English menu is an option)
  • Various calibration types: frequency response, single port, response isolation, full dual port, TRL etc.
  • Applicable to various models of vector network analyser
  • Working with AV3640A to perform frequency extension measurement of dual-port vector network analyser

Ceyear 364XX Millimeter-Wave VNA Extender Series Resources

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