Ceyear 3672D 50 GHz Vector Network Analyser

  • Manufacturer: Ceyear
  • SKU: 3672D

Frequency Range: 10 MHz - 50 GHz

The Ceyear 3672D vector network analyser offers multiple calibration types including frequency response, single port, response isolation, enhanced response and full dual-port, electronic calibration.

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Ceyear 3672D 50 GHz Vector Network Analyser Product Description

The 3672D Vector Network Analyser offers various display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing-wave, phase, group delay, Smith chart and polar coordinates, etc. It is designed with several standard interfaces: USB, LAN, GPIB and VGA etc. Besides all measurement functions same as traditional vector network analyser, through configuration of functional options, the 3672D analyser is also capable of multi functional & comprehensive parameter test of mixer/converter, gain compression two-dimensional sweep and pulse S-parameters, as well as accuracy measurement of amplitude-frequency characteristics, phase-frequency characteristics and group delay used in the field of transmitting/receiving (T/R) module measurement, dielectric material properties measurement, microwave pulse characteristics measurement and optoelectronic properties measurement, which are indispensable instruments for scientific research and manufacturing process of radar, communication, and navigation systems.

Ceyear 3672D Functions & Features

  • Available in multiple display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing-wave, phase, Smith chart
  • With USB, GPIB, LAN and VGA display interface
  • 12.1-inch-high resolution touch screen
  • Record/run, one-click operation greatly simplifies the measurement setting steps and improves the efficiency
  • Available in functions as pulse S parameter measurement, time-domain measurement, mixer measurement, gain compression two-dimensional sweep measurement, THz frequency extension, antenna & RCS measurement etc.

Flexible and optional calibration types, compatible with multiple calibration kits

3672D Vector Network Analysers provides multiple calibration types, including smart Cal (guided calibration), unguided calibration (using mechanical calibration kit to conduct through response calibration, through response & isolation calibration and single port calibration, enhanced response calibration as well as full two-port SOLT calibration and TRL calibration) and electronic calibration (E-Cal) etc. Users can select calibration kits, such as coaxial 3.5mm calibration kit and electronic calibration kit based on test requirements, which greatly facilitates testing on devices with different interfaces.

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